…And We’re Back, Letting Go

I took a little more time away than I thought I was going to.  I was laid off at my job, wound up getting hired back at a promotion (I’m still trying to figure that one out), got sick for about a month, turned 46, and found out the issues I have with my liver and diabetes are getting worse, not better.  Lotta shit to take in, and the things that I would use for comfort – books, films, and music – weren’t helping at all, just more things I couldn’t focus on.

Also truth be told…I was getting a little burnt out by all the Beatles listening.  Sorry. Continue reading “…And We’re Back, Letting Go”

consuming update - here is no why

Here Is No Why: Consuming Update

Johnny Cash – “Starkville City Jail” At San Quentin

So what was supposed to be a weekend respite for creative reasons turned into a bit of something else.  And if I want this record/project to be honest – even if it’s only for myself – then I want to put the truth out there.  The plan is to get back to recording this journey in some format and cadence, but I need a few days to understand what that has to look like.  Continue reading “Here Is No Why: Consuming Update”

AC/DC, Alcest, and Music That Hurts

It’s probably not a shocking revelation that as I’ve been doing this project I’ve also been buying music.  Since it’s still in its infancy, the chances of picking up an album that would have already been reviewed is small.  But it does and did happen, so I wanted to take the time to spend a few words on two recent purchases: Highway to Hell from AC/DC and the debut full-length from Alcest, Souvenirs d’un autre monde.  Over the short course of writing this, it turned into something else. Continue reading “AC/DC, Alcest, and Music That Hurts”

“Why No Classical?” and Other Made Up Questions Serving As An FAQ

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Maybe you have questions.  I know I do.  I’m still thinking of how I want these “reviews” for lack of a better word to be, and what if anything might be of interest for apostle’s besides the daily review.  So I thought I’d put together a quick Q&A to serve as a bit of an FAQ.  These are questions I came up with sitting around organizing the albums for the next week of reviews, but if any of you have questions feel free to let me know and I’ll answer them in a future edition of this thing. Continue reading ““Why No Classical?” and Other Made Up Questions Serving As An FAQ”

physical media

Welcome to Consuming The Tangible

Physical media matters.  It’s not (for me) a question of digital rights or anything like that; it’s more that when I buy a piece of physical media it means it matters to me, more than just quickly pressing a button and having something instantaneously available.  A piece of physical media is real – it takes up space, space that can become increasingly valuable and scarce. … Continue reading Welcome to Consuming The Tangible