anthrax - no hit wonders

Anthrax: No Hit Wonders 1985-1991 (2005)

This thing didn’t really need revisiting: Forget their inclusion in the “Big 4” of thrash – for me Anthrax were one of the formative bands of my youth.  In some ways I know these songs like I know my childhood, since they were such a large part of it.  Anthrax was the first band to carry the aggression of the music I had been seeking, but coupled with the clean, rousing vocals I had also come to love.  It may seem odd to kick off Anthrax with No Hit Wonders, a compilation of their (initial) period with Joey Belladonna, but at the time I still had all the cassettes and a compilation seemed like the most budget-friendly solution to hearing some of my favorite songs in higher fidelity. Continue reading “Anthrax: No Hit Wonders 1985-1991 (2005)”

angola 70s

Angola 70s: 1972-1973 (2000)

I don’t remember how I came across this disc, but Buda Musique’s collection of Angolan pop is a goldmine of incredible music.  Angola 70s: 1972-1973 provides a great starting place to hear traditional Angolan semba music and its commonalities and differences with other popular music.  There’s a lot to consider in the upbeat melodies considering the history of the music as a form of rebellion against Portuguese rule in prior to the country’s independence in 1975.  Continue reading “Angola 70s: 1972-1973 (2000)”

angry samoans - the unboxed set

Angry Samoans: The Unboxed Set (1995)

Back in 1993 I got this amazing hardcore punk compilation called Faster & Louder.  It was my first introduction to a larger world than I knew from the Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat.  Bands like The Dicks, SSD, Mission of Burma and D.O.A. blew my mind, but it was the 52 second blast of “Lights Out” from the Angry Samoans that really struck my young brain’s fancy.  For years that was all I knew of the band, but that changed with The Unboxed Set, which collects all of the band’s 12′ release onto one compact disc.  Continue reading “Angry Samoans: The Unboxed Set (1995)”