megaton leviathan - mage art

Megaton Leviathan: Mage (2018)

Day 3 of the #mayvinylchallenge is Favorite Color or Effect, but truth be told I really prefer black vinyl. Initially there was an attractiveness to colored, splattered, or marbled vinyl but over time the glee of obtaining a limited edition variant lost its appeal. The beauty of a clean, silly black vinyl however, did not. That being said, there is a joy to be had when album art and vinyl combine and coordinate for a beautiful presentation. I presented a few option on my Instagram page, but for purposes of today’s entry we’re going with the synth-heavy doom of Megaton Leviathan and their third release, Mage.

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sans soleil - a holy land beneath a godless sky

Sans Soleil: A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky (2014)

I came across the #mayvinylchallenge on Instagram, and thought that was a good way to find my way back (yet again) to this blog. I’m posting my entries here, but thought it would be nice to add some brief notes here about my choices. Day 1 was about One Album Wonders, I was helpless, unable to pick anything other than A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky, the sole record from Sans Soleil. It’s a gloriously somber, elegiac record, one I would have never discovered were it not for the boundless taste of Mr. Erik Highter, facilitator of so much of what I’ve fallen for over the last few years.

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allfather - bless the earth with fire

Allfather: Bless The Earth With Fire (2016)

There are epochal moments in my life as a “metal” dude that will never fade.  In 2016 I went from being a guy who listened to and collected a lot of metal records, keeping largely to himself to a guy who recorded and released a metal record (even though I called it a demo) and connected with a larger community of folks who did the same thing.  One of the earliest bands I connected with both on a personal and musical level was Allfather, a hardcore sludge/doom band from the UK who had at that point released a handful of cool singles and EPs.  Then Bless The Earth With Fire came out I got to witness a band go from “cool guys putting out cool songs” to “Holy crap these guys are the real deal and shit I need to get better if I want to do this for real.”   Continue reading “Allfather: Bless The Earth With Fire (2016)”