fugazi - 7 songs

Fugazi: Fugazi/7 Songs (1988)

Confession time. Up until a few weeks ago I never owned any Fugazi on vinyl. Plenty of Ian McKaye – Minor Threat, Embrace, Teen Idles…even his latest band Coriky. Like everyone else my age I certainly had heard the band – I even had for the longest time 13 Songs and Repeater +3 Songs taped on a blank cassette thanks to friends in college who made sure I was aware. But as I got older I branched into other things, and Fugazi was always readily available…a download away. Once Dischord moved to Bandcamp I quickly snatched up digital copies of the albums, but vinyl still eluded me. But it’s never too late (except for certain albums that are INSANELY overpriced and currently out of print) so over the last few weeks I hunted down what I could and we’re starting at the very beginning, with the self-titled debut EP, or as it’s known in some parts 7 Songs.

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ty segall - fried shallots

Ty Segall: Fried Shallots EP (2017)

If we’re moving a bit faster to get through all these new records coming it, it’s fitting to start with a short EP. Released a few months after his eponymous rocker I reviewed a few weeks ago, Fried Shallots is a brief but pleasant attic cleaning from Ty Segall. Six tracks recorded over the past few years, including two new versions of songs from previous albums. Does categorizing this as a diversion, an odds and ends assortment lessen the enjoyment I get out of it? Not really. If anything it gives a little more insight into the man’s process what works and what doesn’t when you’re working to sequence and build an album.

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archgoat - heavenly vulva ep

Archgoat: Heavenly Vulva/Christ’s Last Rites EP (2011)

There’s some stuff to unpack here, so I’ll get the particulars out of the way first.  This was my first exposure to Archgoat, and it was somewhat accidental: Debemur Morti Productions was running an inventory sale where for something like $25 you would get five random CDs.  The Heavenly Vulva EP was one fo them, and I’ll admit that one look at the cover key me at arm’s length from wanting to check it out.  I maybe gave it one listen, didn’t have a real opinion on it one way or another so left it to sit on a shelf in my closet in a stack to gather dust. Continue reading “Archgoat: Heavenly Vulva/Christ’s Last Rites EP (2011)”