iggy pop - post pop depression live

Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2017)

What’s your favorite live album? That’s the conceit for Day 12 of the #mayvinylchallenge, and my brain spun with so many choices I had to take a pic of five (and that was trimming it) for the daily Instagram pic. But when it comes to this site I like to only focus on one, and while my child’s heart would probably scream that Live After Death is my all-time favorite (it was the first live album I ever owned), I thought I’d focus on the most recent live album in my collection: the so-good-it’s-kind-of-ridiculous Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall from the godfather of punk, rock, and everything else under the sun…Iggy Pop.

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iggy and the stooges - raw power

Iggy and the Stooges: Raw Power (1973)

Let’s be fair: there’s probably very little I can contribute to the enormity of writing on the righteous rock god status of that street-walking’ cheetah Iggy Pop and the incendiary power of The Stooges. The man and the band are untouchable in the annals of rock, stone cold classic purveyors of the form and I’m not going to dispute that. So instead I want to talk about how Raw Power, that nuclear A-bomb of ripping rock helped me to understand thats much of an album’s power comes from how you listen, as much as what is on it. So let’s get into the Bowie vs. Iggy mix…

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