black midi - schlagenheim

black midi: Schlagenheim (2019)

Day 24 of the #mayvinylchallenge asks for an impulse buy: a record you just had to have. For me there aren’t a lot of albums I relentlessly crave or “have” to have, but I impulse buy a lot. The most recent example of this was when I was listening to “Welcome to Hell” the new single from UK post-everything black midi. Being so caught up in older music it’s always great to hear something new that strikes a nerve, and as I was listening to the new song I realized I didn’t own the band’s 2019 debut Schlagenheim. That was a problem quickly rectified, and so here we are to talk about it.

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we lost the sea - triumph and disaster

We Lost The Sea: Triumph & Disaster (2019)

Day 20 of the #mayvinylchallenge focuses on another facet of the vinyl addict: variants and pressings. And though that’s never been my primary focus when collecting (I’m not one for multiple editions of anything), there is something sweet when you can pre-order a beautiful limited edition of an album you love. We Lost the Sea specialize in crafting intricate, cinematic explorations in post-rock, and their latest release Triumph & Disaster is a gorgeous representation of what they do best, and the fact I got in early enough to order their limited (150, sold out) variant featuring a sumptuous half purple/half blue splatter that mirrors the depths the album reaches.

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sans soleil - a holy land beneath a godless sky

Sans Soleil: A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky (2014)

I came across the #mayvinylchallenge on Instagram, and thought that was a good way to find my way back (yet again) to this blog. I’m posting my entries here, but thought it would be nice to add some brief notes here about my choices. Day 1 was about One Album Wonders, I was helpless, unable to pick anything other than A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky, the sole record from Sans Soleil. It’s a gloriously somber, elegiac record, one I would have never discovered were it not for the boundless taste of Mr. Erik Highter, facilitator of so much of what I’ve fallen for over the last few years.

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