arcade fire - the suburbs

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (2010)

Sometimes you get a lot, and sometimes you get little.  Arcade Fire was all the rage about a decade ago, and I fell into the hype, trying to convince myself I could see the things in The Suburbs that others saw, or felt.  I don’t think I every actually got through the album in its entirety back then, and it was through the skin of my teeth I did so this time.

For every brief moment of musical inspiration to be found there are at least 3-4 songs that are a pure slog to get through.  Reading some of the reviews online I guess it’s thematic and novel and lyrically in touch with the malaise and anxiety of returning to your roots as an older, wiser, and sadder person…and that may be the case, and can be inspiring, but please have some music that’s at least somewhat interesting.  I really couldn’t suffer this album at all.

Oh well…tomorrow I have their next one up.  Even back then I was a sucker to try again.

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