…And We’re Back, Letting Go

I took a little more time away than I thought I was going to.  I was laid off at my job, wound up getting hired back at a promotion (I’m still trying to figure that one out), got sick for about a month, turned 46, and found out the issues I have with my liver and diabetes are getting worse, not better.  Lotta shit to take in, and the things that I would use for comfort – books, films, and music – weren’t helping at all, just more things I couldn’t focus on.

Also truth be told…I was getting a little burnt out by all the Beatles listening.  Sorry.

angry paul
Paul is not happy with my last sentence

I wanna stick to the cadence of an album a day, and in a semblance of alphabetical order, but I think I need to let go of the obsessive formatting a bit.  So the site will go a little looser with order.  I’ll break in on weekends with stuff that might not be in order, but is hitting me in the jellies, so to speak.  Maybe I’ll throw in a movie or a book if the urge takes me.  Entries will probably be a little shorter and not so review focused (that’s always been my goal,  but it’s hard to break out of a routine).

We’ll see.  I’m not gonna sweat it too much, but that wasn’t helping at all.  Hope you stick around for the ride.

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