behemoth - zos kia cultus

Behemoth: Zos Kia Cultus (2002)

Behemoth is back and surprise: they’re still angry at God.  I’m pretty sure I bought both Zos Kia Cultus at the same time as Thelema.6 to try the band out, and listening back there’s a lot I like: things have evolved somewhat, taking a (very) slightly slower approach, more bottom-heavy and menacing, but still ready to riff your head six feet in the ground.  Occult and Aleister Crowley reign over the proceedings, but since I can barely understand the words, it has little impact to the punishing hooks contained o the album.

I like that Zos Kia Cultus doesn’t have the same feel as the previous album.  Bass is now very present, giving a weight to the songs that anchor them in a bit more filth than the songs on Thelema.6.  And in “As Above So Below” they have a bonafide smash, the ride hits and methodical double kick echoing Slayer even as the songs lays down a massive mid-paced shamble.  Pinched harmonics and dive bombs carry forth, and there’s enough space in the production by Nergal that you can hear everything clearly.

A couple more standouts: “No Sympathy For Fools” and the title track has a lot fo the same dynamics present in “As Above So Below” making Zos Kia Cultus a real success.  It shows how a few tweaks can bring out another facet of a band, and that you don’t necessarily need to stick to the same musical formula every time out.

Can Behemoth keep this up?  WILL they keep it up?  Tune in next time.

(HINT: they don’t.  They won’t)

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