behemoth - demigod

Behemoth: Demigod (2004)

It’s not that Demigod, the 2004 followup to Zos Kia Cultus by Behemoth is bad…it’s not.  It’s just that this is the first album where the songs really begin to blur and I lose interest about halfway through.  There’s less distinction through the album, less that jumps out and grabs you.  This is blessing and curse of blind buying based on previous albums: sometimes you get gold, sometimes you get, well…meh.

Back then there weren’t as many listening options to preview metal, so if one album was good I’d be sure to jump in a grab the next one when it was released.  And Demigod just blurred for me.  Individually most of the songs are good, and if they were pop up in the context of a mix I’d probably dig it: “Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth” is a killer opener, and on the latter half I really dig the intensity of “Xul.”  All the requisite pieces are there, but this feels like running in place, and I don’t know I’ve ever gotten through Demigod in a single sitting, despite its brief 41-minute runtime.


One more thing: listen to “Conquer All” and tell me that opening isn’t EXACTLY the same as Anthrax’s “Be all, End All.” Every time I hear it I can’t help myself from singing those words along to it.

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