New Year, Lists, What’s Ahead: A Miscellany

Been a while since I’ve taken to this site.  In addition to life getting in the way, I grew somewhat disillusioned with the cadence of everything in alphabetical order.  Trying to fit in all the things I wanted to listen to but also making time to repeated listens of every Ben Folds release in sequence got tiring (sorry, Ben).  So I took a step back, focused on the things I wanted to listen to, and just basically enjoyed music.

And more!  Books called again, and I answered with a hunger I hadn’t had in years.  I started a monthly film podcast with my friend Jon called Cinema Dual, and it started to re-ignite my appetite for just sitting down and absorbing a film…or two or three.  But music remained the forefront.  I got back to work on the second (and last) Necrolytic Goat Converter album, and completed the third volume of VHHP which you can sample here and get for free:

And the lists…as I do every year over at Nine Circles you can find my three-part Best of 2019 posts.  The great albums that didn’t make my list and my honorable mentions are linked, but since the final Top 25 doesn’t come out until tomorrow (1/2) here’s a sample of what’s on it:


On the non-metal side, I also did a huge podcast with my buddy Dan where we recounted our top 10 favorite non-metal albums of the year.  You can listen with the embed below, but for those jonesing for a simple list:

  1. 75 Dollar Bill – I Was Here
  2. Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves
  3. Minor Pieces – The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming
  4. Gary Clark, jr. – This Land
  5. Bryan Beller – Scenes From The Flood
  6. Oh Sees – Face Stabber
  7. Ty Segall – First Taste
  8. Bart Graft – Worlds Apart
  9. Mdou Moctar – Ilana (The Creator)
  10. Brittany Howard – Jaime


So where does that leave us?

Well, I’m going to start by writing about some of these wonderful albums listed above, and then move where the wind takes me, music-wise.  There will probably be times when I run through a discography, but it’ll be when the mood strikes and not because it’s next in order.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have an incredible 2020.


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