dirt redux

Various Artists: Dirt Redux (2020)

Day 8 of the #mayvinylchallenge asks for a concept or cover album. I thought about a concept album, butane remembered the excellent series of Redux compilations put out by Magnetic Eye Records. Featuring interpretations of fantastic album by a killer stable of heavy artists, there are some fantastic cover songs to heard as the series features covers of Hendrix, Sabbath, and most recently AC/DC to name a few. Dirt (Redux) covers the classic second album from Alice in Chains, and it manages the subtle feat of taking such a singular album and carrying its spirit without being overly mimicking.

We’re going to keep this one really short, as it’s Mothers Day and playing Thou covering “Them Bones” isn’t really conducive to the atmosphere my wife wants for her Sunday breakfast in bed. A good cover album’s strength lies in the artists, and Magnetic Eye gets some fantastic bands, including Thou, Khemmis, Howling Giant, and -(16)- just to name some of my favorite heavy bands, so if you’re a fan of any of those guys, this is a no-brainer to grab in any format. But I also don’t think anyone is going to be made at the low scuzzed out imitation High Priests puts out for “Rain When I Die” or the quiet psych of “Junkhead” as done by Forming the Void.

These kind of compilations can be hard to take sometimes, but Magnetic Eye does a good job getting some sweet bands together who take their time crafting a cover. Reviews this week are going to be pretty short as I travel for work, but I’ll be working to make sure we keep the cadence moving.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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