#mayvinylchallenge Day 21: Dischord

Day 21 of the #mayvinylchallenge asks to feature an independent music label. As I’m still trying to catch up I decided to return to an old favorite – one I’ve been covering here at the site for a while. So rather than write up another album from the fierce and impeccable Dischord label, I’m going to link to a few I’ve already written for the site. Because sometimes you’re exhausted and it’s 90 degrees and you just need a good lie down, you know?

You can read about Fugazi’s debut EP here.

You can read about their debut full length here.

You can read about Embrace, the pre-Fugazi McKaye band and album here.

You can read about the wonderful 2-song 7″ from Egg Head here.

I was getting severely burnt out trying to write a new piece every day. We’ll be getting back to Dischord shortly, as I have their box set I’ll be getting into before the month is up, and then we’ll continue on with the remaining Fugazi records, not to mention Q And Not U.

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