baroness - blue record

Baroness: Blue Record (2009)

Baroness rightly became metal and indie darlings after their Relapse debut, and Blue Record, their 2009 follow-up earned even more accolades.  So why do I have such a hard time getting entry into its many, many strengths?  After giving it a few more listens the past few days, I think I have the answer.  It still doesn’t top Red Album for me, but I can really see this as the album (or record) where the band finally carve out their real identity, one of passion and pain and a heart that strives for light. Continue reading “Baroness: Blue Record (2009)”

baroness - red album

Baroness: Red Album (2007)

Back in 2007 I named Red Album, the debut full-length by Baroness as my album of the year.  Want proof?  Anyway, the mix of prog and southern sludge post rock still strikes a chord within me, and though it may not be the popular choice, going by thisd re-listen I think I’m comfortable saying this is still my favorite Baroness album.  Maybe that’ll change as I go through the discography this week, but for now it remains solid.  Continue reading “Baroness: Red Album (2007)”

andromeda - extension of the wish

Andromeda: Extension of the Wish (2001)

This is how I revisited Extension of the Wish, the debut album from progressive power metal band Andromeda: at top volume as I ran strikes playing Destiny.  I’m not sure this is exactly how the band intended their music to be consumed, but old fashioned keyboard heavy prog metal tendencies worked great as I blasted the Scorn, Fallen, Cabal, and other assorted alien weirdos across the galaxy. Continue reading “Andromeda: Extension of the Wish (2001)”